In April 2011 AGUSTSON & MARZ SEAFOOD launches for the first time in Europe," Hot Smoked Tilapia" into the retail and catering market

March 30, 2011 16:45

Agustson is one of the leading producers of seafood in Europe, and during the last 75 years the company has become well recognized for its production of chilled shellfish, caviar and hot smoked trout products, as well as production of bacalao, reports with reference to ESE.

Over the last 2 decades Agustson has grown to be one of the largest and most successful producers of hot smoked trout for the European market. By emphasizing on producing only live trout in its factory the company has paired together superior raw-material and feasibility in the production, and the outcome is a great quality product at a competitive price.

Agustson is continuously developing new products that can strengthen the business and bring value to its customers. Since the beginning of this year, Agustson, together with the sales and marketing company, Marz Seafood has been developing the Tilapia into its hot smoked fish category. The Tilapia has gained phenomenal success in the US and is also being well received in Europe due to its high quality and great taste.

Marz Seafood was established in 2003 to build on the fast growing production taken place with the Agustson group and help bring out the synergies following the group's fast expansion. Marz Seafood operates 2 sales offices, one being in Iceland and the second one in Denmark.

Source & Sustainability:

Agustson has teamed up with Regal Spring which is the largest integrated producer of Tilapia in the world. Regal Spring has built its reputation as a producer of high quality Tilapia that is 100% natural and free of additives, preservatives, growth hormones and antibiotics.

The Tilapia is sourced from Regal Springs operations in Indonesia, where it is farmed in freshwater lakes and reservoirs that are fed by pure mountain rainwater giving it consistently mild, but slightly sweet flavor.

Thanks to the initiative set by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Regal Springs has played an active role in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) steering committee to draft standards for certifying Tilapia aquaculture products. Today all its Indonesia Tilapia is farmed according to standards set by WWF and GlobalGap.

Product & Process:

The Agustson Hot Smoked Tilapia loins are a perfect addition to the current variety of smoked fish products that are in the market today. The product carries all the major quality aspects and benefits that a fish should have. It has mild flavor and no-fishy taste; it is made from deep skinned, boneless loins that are high in quality protein and low in calories, total fat, saturated fat and carbohydrates.

The hot smoking process is a great method to cook the Tilapia. It captures the moister in the fish which is then released through its flaky texture and succulent consistency when heated. By using beach wood in the smoking process, gives the tilapia a firm spice effect on the surface, but tender and mild taste within.

Looking back to its success with hot smoked trout, Agustson has developed a Tilapia product that will be sold as fixed weight "MAP" packs of either 100gr, 125gr or 200gr. The two smaller packs will contain 1 piece of loin, but the 200gr pack contains 2 pieces of loins. A catering pack of 500gr that contains 4 loins is also available. The product has a shelf life of 21 days after it reaches stores.

Different varieties of flavors will be available, but current sales include, souvlaki, honey and pepper spices.

To launch a fixed weight pack containing whole loins is an ambitious project and can only be done if one has found the source that contains the amount of fish to work from. Regal Springs has inspiring plans to grow there volumes of farmed Tilapia in the future, and Agustson and Marz Seafood is pleased to have found the right partner to bring this project to a successful start.

The company has used the opportunity during the European Seafood Exhibition in Brussels to enter the Hot Smoked Tilapia into the Prix d'Elite competition, and hopes that the product receives the same impressive response as it has received from its clients.

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