IMulti-component ISA vaccine from PHARMAQ approved in Chile

May 21, 2010 16:33

PHARMAQ's vaccine ALPHA JECT 5-1 received a provisional marketing authorisation from the Chilean authorities Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero de Chile (SAG), on May 11th 2010, reports with reference to Pharmaq.

"This is the first five-component ISA vaccine made available to the Chilean fish farmers ever, and the second ISA vaccine launched by our company within a few weeks. By this accomplishment we have passed another important milestone in the PHARMAQ ISA project. We are convinced that this premium multi-component ISA vaccine will be another valuable tool to our customers provided by PHARMAQ", says Morten Nordstad, CEO of PHARMAQ.

The product ALPHA JECT® 5-1 provides protection against three bacterial diseases; salmon rickettsia syndrome (SRS), furunculosis, vibriosis and the viral diseases; infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN) and infectious salmon anemia (ISA).

"It is a real breakthrough to be in a position to offer our customers the ALPHA JECT® 5-1 product.

This is a much needed product, and by combining protection against these five diseases it is a highly cost-effective vaccine. We are also very confident in the R&D results we have seen for this

vaccine and for the ALPHA JECT® micro 1 ISA vaccine recently introduced. With these two new ISA vaccines included in the existing broad portfolio of PHARMAQ Chile vaccines, we now have the flexibility to serve most combinations of vaccines requested by our customers. Now we are optimistically looking forward to follow-up on the ISA vaccines in the field, and the co-operation with our customers in rebuilding the Chilean salmon industry", says Bernd Wrege, General Manager of PHARMAQ Chile.

PHARMAQ received the provisional marketing authorization from SAG on the 19th of April for the company's first ISA vaccine, ALPHA JECT® micro 1 ISA. As of today, PHARMAQ's investment in the ISA project has been nearly 40 million NOK.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Nordstad, Chief Executive Officer


Office: +47 23 29 85 10

Mobile: +47 907 52 853

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