Imports of Norwegian seafood making another big leap

October 9, 2007 12:33

Through the period of eight months of 2007 the total export value of Norwegian seafood shipped to Russia amounted to 340 million USD. During the period the Norwegian seafood export to Russia grew by 61% in volume and by 26% in value as compared to the same period last year, head of the investment-analytical group of Norge-Fish Timur Mitupov told (

Norwegian seafood has been enjoying stable demand on the Russian market as it features high quality of dressing, processing, storage and freezing technologies, fine taste and appealing packaging.

As a result, through 2000-2006 the average annual growth of Norwegian seafood export to Russia amounted to 30% in terms of volume.

Russia is the third most important market for Norway's seafood export, making way only for France and Denmark.

In general, the capacity of the Russian fish market has been growing with salmon, trout, herring and mackerel dominating in the nation's seafood import. In January-August 2007 the structure of the Norwegian export to Russia includes 30% of herring worth 91 million USD with the fishing season just started. The shares of salmon and trout correspondingly amount to 45% worth 127 million USD and 18% worth 54 million USD. Timur Mitupov has noted that with a slight decrease of w/r herring export Norway has considerably increased export of processed and filleted herring to Russia.

In 2007 Norway has lost its leading position in Russia's import of trout. More specifically, in 2006 the share of Norway in the Russian total import of trout amounted to 62% and the country was an undisputed leader in trout supplies to Russia, while in 2007 Chile has been come in the forefront with the share of 69.1% in Russia's total import of trout. At present, the share of Norway amounts only to 13.9% and through the period of eight months import of trout reached only 46.9 million USD. According to Timur Mitupov, Chile's leadership can be attributed mostly to aggressive marketing and price policy of the country on the European market.

In general, the current year 2007 has highlighted positive changes in the relationships of the veterinary bodies of Norway and Russia, the process reflected in the growing trade figures.

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