Importers looking into reduced number of checkpoints for seafood inflow

December 5, 2006 16:13
The Russian Vet and Phytosanitary Service Rosselkhoznadzor has, "until further notice", reduced the number of approved land checkpoints for inflow of seafood on the border with the EU, Ukraine and Belarus from 50 to 5, according to Rosselkhoznadzor's circular dated 24 November 2006.

The measure supposed to screen off grey and hazardous imports has been cautiously received by Russian market players who feel it might lead to shorter supply and a price rise of 10-30%.

The letter has explained what has been behind the row when truckloads of fish were recently stopped at the border checkpoints with Estonia.

Out of the five authorized checkpoints, two are located on the Russian-Ukrainian border (Suzemka and Troebortnoe in Bryansk Region).

Besides, it is possible to bring in import shipments through Burachki in Pskov Region, Torfyanovka (Vyborg) in Leningrad Region and the custom's checkpoint of Sovetsk in Kaliningrad.

The order will apply to all types of fish and seafood including material and finished products shipped by reefer vans. The above type of transport however brings in quite a large share of all imports to affect the established routes and routines, some importers complained.

In particular, shipments will have to be arranged via the countries bordering on the approved checkpoints and that will take some time at a moment when in December - January imports will traditionally double.


It is expected that the restrictions may somewhat complicate business for the Ukrainian canneries which largely depend on exports to Russia.

The largest ones include OAO Proliv plc, OAO Kerchenskii Rybokombinat plc, OOO Rybflot ltd, REHVILYA Rybokombinat, OAO Interrybflot plc with the share of exports to Russia accounting for up to 30% in the sales.

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