Icelandic USA, Statement on Japanese Nuclear Disaster

April 11, 2011 10:27
There is growing concern about seawater contamination and the safety of seafood as a result of the release of radioactive material into the environment stemming from Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor. The impact of this ongoing event on seafood from Pacific waters is being followed closely by the United States and many other countries around the world, reports with reference to Icelandic USA.
Icelandic USA does not purchase or harvest seafood from Japan, or Japanese waters. The closest proximity to Japan where Icelandic procures its seafood is thousands of miles away from the affected area and is harvested from deep waters.
Icelandic USA ensures all of its seafood is safe and wholesome to eat, and that there is absolutely no health risk in the consumption of seafood supplied by Icelandic USA as a result of this tragic environmental disaster. 
They are closely monitoring the events taking place in Japan and will respond accordingly and timely to all future events unfolding in order to maintain the consistent level of quality and safety of all Icelandic Seafood.
Icelandic USA welcomes questions or inquiries. Those should be directed to Ron Basch, Vice President Quality Assurance and R&D at  or 757.820.3558.
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