Icelandic USA Introduces New Addition to Sea Dog Family of Products

September 24, 2010 14:41

The new 4 oz. Pollock Portion is an in-between size that allows restaurant operators to offer the ultimate selection, with multiple size and species options; the complete Sea Dog line consists of an almost "foot-long" Cod Fillet Portion and a mini-sized Haddock Fillet Portion, reports with reference to Icelandic USA.

 "Through the Sea Dog family of products, Icelandic has created a new way to enjoy seafood sandwich fillets," said Jim Papadakis, Director of Marketing at Icelandic. "We are excited to be able to offer our customers the new 4 oz. Battered Pollock Portion which is a more economical choice than the Cod and Haddock Sea Dogs. We are also thrilled to be offering the amazing flavors of Sea Dog India Pale Ale from the Shipyard Brewing Company" said Papadakis.

True to the quality heritage of Icelandic products, all of the Sea Dog Fillets are cut from pristine quality Cod, Haddock and Pollock species. Decades of quality go into every bite of the flaky, white fish fillets, custom cut into the Sea Dog shape.

The catchy Sea Dog name is meant to be fun and enliven menus; it was created for the long and slender product, which was designed to fit perfectly on a hot dog bun. The Sea Dog seafood sandwich concept revitalizes menus by providing options that are different from traditional seafood squares, triangles and wedges. The Sea Dog name also carries the story of Barney, the Original Sea Dog and beloved figurehead of the Sea Dog Brewing Company. A Great Pyrenees and the ultimate brew master, Barney was equally as comfortable on land as on sea; his spirit lives on through the Sea Dog legacy.

Now through October 31, 2010 operators can try the new 4 oz. Battered Pollock Portion Sea Dog and benefit from an exciting rebate offer from Icelandic®. To learn more about the rebate or the Sea Dog family of products, please visit

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