Icelandic Launches Elegant Entrees Premium Fish Fillets

November 12, 2010 11:49

Innovative flavors and textures spice up restaurant menus, reports with reference to Icelandic USA.

Elegant Entrees Crumble Crust premium fillets are ready to bake and feature top trending Latin and Caribbean flavor profiles. And since they are not fried or breaded, they cater to health-conscious foodservice establishments, as well as mainstream restaurants in search of innovative and delicious entrée menu items. "We know that foodservice operators and consumers alike will be extremely satisfied with our new line of products," says Jim Papadakis, Director of Marketing for Icelandic. "We truly offer ‘the total package' by providing on-trend products that deliver on taste, flavor, texture and the ability to satisfy consumers who are looking for high quality restaurant main dishes."
Elegant Entrees Crumble Crust items are Premium Cod and Tilapia Fillets, coated with delectable ingredients like tortilla, coconut and potato, which provide a professional, chef-prepared taste and appearance with minimal preparation required by restaurant operators. Icelandic Tilapia are raised and processed in the very first BAP certified Tilapia farm and plant in the world and are listed as a "Good Alternative" on Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood WATCH. Plus, Icelandic Tilapia are deep skinned (most of the fat line removed) for a delicious, white and flaky product. Icelandic Brand Cod are caught in pristine icy waters and hand cut into natural fillets and their Flounder are sourced from cold Alaskan waters, hand-rolled and stuffed to perfection.
First time foodservice buyers interested in Elegant Entrees can take advantage of exciting savings with a rebate offer for buy two cases, get one free, now through March 31, 2011. To learn more about Elegant Entrees please visit .

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