Icelandic Cod Fishery Receives Historic Certification

December 17, 2010 14:44

Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Program recognized the Icelandic cod fishery in Reykjavik, Iceland with a historic certification, reports with reference to Icelandic USA.

The recognition acknowledges the Icelandic cod fishery for their efforts to proactively strengthen the industry with exceptional standards, strong management and responsible sustainability practices. Icelandic USA, a leading global processor and trader in fresh and frozen fish and seafood, and proud partner of the Icelandic cod fishery, is exceedingly pleased with the news and the impact it will have on commerce moving forward.

According to Responsible Fisheries Management, cod is the most valuable fish caught in Icelandic waters, representing 36% of total seafood export value. In 2009, seafood products accounted for 42% of Iceland's overall export value. Chuck Spencer, Sustainability Specialist and National Account Manager of the Icelandic® Foodservice Sales Division commented on the significance of today's announcement, "The certification of the cod fishery by Global Trust confirms that the fishery management policies and practices by the government of Iceland meet the highest international sustainability standards." The certification will also impact the global marketplace for cod, with labels noting that the product is certified by Iceland Responsible Fisheries. Spencer went on to say, "Utilization of the Iceland Responsible Fishing eco-label tells consumers that they are getting product that meets the highest sustainability standards in the world."

A group of experts from the Global Trust Certification assessed the management systems, fishing methods and practices of Iceland's cod fishery to ensure compliance. Peter Marshall, CEO of Global Trust commented, "This independent FAO-ISO certification for the Icelandic cod fishery against the FAO requirements clearly demonstrates that this fishery is managed in a responsible manner according to internationally recognized reference points." The certification covers all sectors of the Icelandic cod fishery, for all fishing gears and is available for use by fishermen and handlers of Icelandic cod.

The announcement comes on the heels of the release of a new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy from Icelandic® Group, which ensures that Icelandic® only partners with suppliers who can comply with certification and traceability standards. Icelandic's new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy also outlines their support of the growing international movement to stop trade of illegally caught seafood, as well as details their refusal to associate with the processing of or trading in fish species that are threatened with extinction or that are legally protected. For more information about the policy visit:

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