Iceland drawing up plans for shipment of capelin to Russia

February 21, 2007 16:30

According to current Icelandic estimates, at least 45,000 tonnes of capelin will be supplied to the East European markets. As for supplies particularly to the Russian market there is no information yet. However, some experts say that at least 40,000 tonnes of frozen Icelandic capelin will be sent to Russia.

The Norwegian fishery industry is also planning to ship up to 20,000 tonnes of capelin to the markets of Eastern Europe.

In the first half of February 2007 Icelandic capelin harvested in January 2007 was marketed from RUR27.00 to RUR30.50 per kilo in Saint Petersburg depending on the count which fluctuated from 45/55 to 40/50 per kilo. Larger capelin of the 30/40 count was not offered due to its poor occurrence in the catches.

As the capelin fishery in 2007 just like in 2006 is conducted only in Icelandic waters, the market supply of the species is expected to be small and the prices are not expected to fall.

In mid-February 2007 Icelandic capelin from the new catch of 2006-2007 was offered in Murmansk at prices as follows:



Price in RUR per kilo



40-45 fish per kilo




40-45 fish per kilo


Faeroese Islands


40-45 fish per kilo, roe fish

February 2007


40-45 fish per kilo, roe fish


February 2006


50-55 fish per kilo



Due to the current condition of the stocks the capelin fishery in the waters of the Central Eastern Atlantic is possible only in the Icelandic EEZ. According to intergovernmental agreements, the fishery operations on the grounds of capelin Mallotus villosus are also allowed to fleets of Norway, Faeroese Islands, Greenland and EU. Capelin Mallotus villosus is a small schooling pelagic fish of Osmeridae family, the size of capelin harvested in the Icelandic EEZ reaches 22 cm.

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