IBERCISA Winches for Icelandic Fishing Vessels

February 16, 2010 14:52
The fishing Icelandic company, Uthafsskip with two trawlers freezers vessels, received her second pair of trawlers winches for his "Glorya" vessel, acquired to the IBERCISA company; confirming hereby the confidence put in the equipments of Spanish manufacture, and having in these moments equipments on their two trawlers vessels, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to IBECISA. 

Previously, there had been already delivered a pair of electrical trawlers winches for the Vessel "Victory"; twins of the previous ones.

This order was obtained through our Icelandic agent Naust Marine which will supply the electric controls.

Both principal trawlers winches supplied, are independent and electrical driven, with frequency converter and controlled by an automatic trawling system. Driven by an electrical motor of 485 CV, provided with a drum by capacity for 4.000 m of cable Ø 32mm and with 40 tn as maximum traction.

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