I-Cut 10 portioning machine installation completed at K.I.T Ltd

November 12, 2010 15:48

The project on supply and installation of I-Cut 10 portioning machine is completed at K.I.T. Ltd plant, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Marel.

In September 2010 SystemGroup Ukraine supplied and put in operation I-Cut 10 portioning machine produced by Marel. This equipment has been installed at the KIT Ltd. plant, which has been operating at the Ukrainian seafood market since 1999.

During the realization of the project several meetings-presentations were held directly at the KIT Ltd. enterprise. As the result, the KIT Ltd. company Management decided to install the tested hardware. It should be noted that the I-Cut 10 is very popular among seafood producers at the European market.

"We are pleased to be the first owners of such equipment at the Ukrainian fish market. Such equipment will help to automate the process of portioning finished products. The purchase of this equipment is particularly important today, because the consumer will be offered product per item not per weight. That allows a customer to know and see the price per unit rather then to count on weight. This will certainly facilitate the process of technological production both at the manufacturing and labeling stages, as well as significantly reduce and simplify the procedure of admission the goods by retailers"-  Andrey Dubrov, General Director of KIT Ltd. said.

The installation of I-Cut 10 is planned to pre-pack the products with fixed weight, to improve the products quality as well as to increase the number of products several times. In addition I-Cut 10 is one of the solutions, the introduction of which allows to return on investment much quicker.

"On behalf of SystemGroup and Marel companies I want to thank the leadership of KIT Ltd. for the selection of our equipment, for their understanding during the realization of the project and wish you success in the future" - commented Sergey Chernyushok, Director of BCS Food Industry Department.

SystemGroup Ukraine is the official partner of Marel company, the world leader in the production of hi-teck equipment and software for the food industry in Ukraine.

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