Huon salmon products recalled

March 4, 2011 14:01

A Tasmanian salmon producer is working with health authorities to recall several of its smoked products, after the detection of a potentially-harmful bacteria, reports with reference to Sea-Ex.

Listeria was detected in a batch of Huon Aquaculture's smoked salmon in South Australia.

The company has issued an immediate recall of packets of Premium, A Grade and Banquet Slice smoked salmon, with a use by date of March 24, 2011.

The company says consumers should also avoid its Classic Selection and Springs Smoked Seafood Trimmings and return the products to their place of sale for a refund.

To date, there are no reports of illness, but anyone with symptoms, such as fever and headache, is urged to seek medical advice.

Listeria causes only mild illness, but it is more serious for pregnant women, new born babies, the elderly and immuno-suppressed people.

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