Huge trout breeding and processing project taking off in Russia's Northwest

April 16, 2007 17:04

A group of directors of the Russian Sea Company known as leading importers and distributors of seafood have visited Petrozavodsk (capital of the Republic of Karelia in the north-west of Russia) to make use of the opportunities for farming and processing of rainbow trout in Karelia.

The Moscow based Group is obviously taking advantage of the recent national initiative to boost aquaculture in Russia by providing large funds for compensation of the greater part of interest rates of the loans borrowed by the industry players. On the other hand, the move is being made at a moment of growing consumption of salmon and trout by the Russians with their insatiable appetites for the delis predominantly fed by mounting imports.

The company says they are planning to build several facilities for breeding and processing of the valuable fish.

The visit was arranged as a result of the preliminary agreements achieved in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Karelia under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Vladimir Sobinsky.

A new project of the Russian Sea Company has an important role for Karelia as it means increase of the gross domestic product, new working places, tax yield etc.

Chief Executive of the Russian Sea Company Maxim Vorobiyov says the new project is supported by the Russian Federal Government as well.

Не adds that support of the regional government is provided on the conditions that all the facilities should be registered on the territory of the Republic of Karelia and working conditions (working places, salaries etc.) should fully comply with modern standards.

The Russian Sea plans to set up full cycle operations which would include all production stages beginning with a hatchery.

Vladimir Sobinsky makes a point that the new project will get full support of Government of the Republic of Karelia as it will boost development of trout farming in the Republic.

Today all the trout farmed in Karelia is sold unprocessed (whole) and this decreases the total income of the industry. In this situation launching of the new plant opens more opportunities for marketing.

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