High-tech laminaria plant launched in Russia's centre

October 2, 2007 11:13

In 2007 Okean Vkusov Group of Companies has launched a fish processing plant equipped with laminaria automated lines in Orlov region to the south of Moscow. The development has helped the Group double its range of kelp products. In particular, the Group has expanded its salad line based on canned laminaria with various ingredients, according to Gastronomiya I Bakaleya.

The Group produces salmon caviar, roes of small freshwater fish and cod family fishes, canned crab, canned fish products for the mass-market segment and canned laminaria.

In July 2007 experts of the TV program Control Purchase recognized the group's laminaria salad as the best one in terms of quality out of several analogues bought in the retail shops.

Okean Vkusov supplies its products both to the Capital's retail chains (Pyaterochka, Real, Utkonos, Paterson, Grossmart, 12 Mesyatsev, Karusel, Avoska) and to regional chains. Besides, the Group cooperates with wholesale and retail partners all over Russia.

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