High pink salmon prices meeting market resistance

March 18, 2010 16:20

High pink salmon prices met market resistance, sales practically halted, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/).

By the beginning of March 2010 unprecedented rise of pink salmon prices observed in the first two months of the year met market resistance, sales stopped and sellers had to reduce prices.

Traders reported a general decrease of prices of pink salmon especially of gutted head-on and gutted head-off salmon. The prices which sometimes exceeded RUR100.00 per kilo level decreased to RUR85.00-90.00 per kilo. Wholesalers in regions offered pink salmon even at a price of RUR80.00 per kilo.

According to large market players, after a price decrease in March 2010 no large price fluctuations are expected, but then they will start growing again. The growth will be encouraged by smaller coldstore inventories as the new fishing season is coming sooner, the season expected to be not so record-breaking as the previous one.

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