Healthy salmon now in twin packs

March 4, 2011 14:38

Southern Ocean now comes to the rescue with new twin-pack King salmon slices and pieces brimming with healthy Omega 3s, reports with reference to NZ King Salmon.

Southern Ocean is now producing 2 X 50gram and 2 X 100gram smoked slices and 2 x 50gram pieces in handy twin packs so you can safely keep half for later.

Southern Ocean's new twin packs of Omega 3s-rich salmon contain two easy meals in one packet. And that makes Southern Ocean salmon an affordable and easy ‘any day' ingredient in family dishes and for snacking.

Made from New Zealand's King (Chinook) salmon, Southern Ocean is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which are the healthy oils that are vital for life and good health and can help to maintain a healthy heart.

Salmon is a great addition to all sorts of dishes and Southern Ocean twin packs are perfect to ensure the family gets fresh, healthy fish on a regular basis - use half now and half later.

King salmon is especially good for littlies. The Omega 3 Centre reports it helps in brain development with improved growth, development, increased attention, improved learning and behaviour patterns all noticed.

The New Zealand Suggested Dietary Targets for the long chain Omega 3s for optimal health are a mere 430mg a day for women and 610mg for men. That means by including 15grams of Southern Ocean into your day, you get your recommended daily intake of Omega 3s with ease.

Available now for RRPs $7.99 for 100gm slices, $13.99 for 200gm slices, $6.99 for 100gm pieces.

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