HB Grandi: Catch values up 21%

January 11, 2011 11:13

In spite of a reduction in quotas, HB Grandi's trawler crews have done a magnificent job in 2010. Catches landed by the company's eight trawlers came to approximately 51,500 tonnes with a value of around ISK11.30 billion (FOB). By comparison, the 2009 catch was 47,000 tonnes with a value of ISK9,30 billion, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to HB Grandi.

HB Grandi operates five factory freezer vessels and their catches increased to 33,800 tonnes from  31,900 tonnes in 2009. The freezer fleet also saw its catch values rise by 16% to ISK8.60 billion from ISK7.50 billion the previous year.

Therney RE was the top-catching vessel with 7600 tonnes, while Venus HF had the highest catch value at ISK1.90 billion. In 2009, Therney was also the top catcher with 6761 tonnes, while Örfirisey RE returned the highest values for its landings at roughly ISK1.50 billion.

Of the fresher trawlers, Asbjorn RE was first among equals with an overall catch of 6400 tonnes worth ISK926 million. In 2009, Otto N Thorlaksson had been highest among the fresher vessels  in both tonnage and value.

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