GROUPE ADRIEN was just awarded the AEO certification which guarantees the quality and reliability of itsinternational logistic chain

July 29, 2010 09:51

This stringent certification started in October 2009 involving the entire staff of GROUPE ADRIEN SAS. It makes our company a trustworthy partner with Customs in terms of International trade safety and security, reports with reference to GROUPE ADRIEN SAS.

According to Customs, AEO certificated companies offer "absolute guarantees in terms of quality and reliability in the field of logistics, finance, as well as in the implementation of safety and security measures"Also, according to René ADRIEN: "The objective of this certification is to better answer the needs of the acting parties in the supply chain, in terms of safety and security and in a context of growing trade exchanges for seafood".

The GROUPE ADRIEN and its subsidiaries are already fully committed to required procedures aiming at reducing "significant dangers in terms of food safety" (HACCP), also the company is actively participating into the fight against illegal fishing as well as the development of better practices in terms of responsible and sustainable fishing" which permitted ARCOPA (Peruvian Plant) to be fully certified by Bureau VERITAS in 2009. Also according to René ADRIEN, "this new certification enhances the company global approach to further implement a corporate vision of progress among our personnel".

Practically for GROUPE ADRIEN, based in Bouguenais, Western France, with a volume of 500 containers per year, this globally recognized certification AEO, will simplify customs clearance, paperwork and will allow the company to have preferential treatment in the case of a physical control of a container (the choice of the location for that inspection for example).

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