Grieg Seafood ASA acquires two production licenses in Scotland

September 22, 2010 11:00

Grieg Seafood's subsidiary Grieg Seafood Hjaltland has entered into an agreement to acquire two production licenses/sites in Scotland, reports with reference to Grieg Seafood.

The two sites are located on the west coast of Scotland (Isle of Sky), situated in an area with no further farming operations in the immediate vicinity. The combined discharge consent of the two sites is 2,770 tonnes, which is expected to be increased between 500 and 900 tonnes in the future. Today's discharge consent corresponds to a harvest volume of 3,000 tonnes gwe per generation.
Grieg Seafood Hjaltland currently has production on the two sites under a contract growing agreement.
The acquisition price for the two licenses is GPM 2.45m (NOK 23.0m).

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