Government policy creating excellent prospects for Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet

October 8, 2007 11:51

OAO Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet (plc) has excellent prospects for development especially in the field of distant grounds fishery in view of the recently announced ambitious government plans in this area.

More specifically, according to Russian fishery head Andrey Krainy, the combine will become the central company for the proposed Rosrybflot Corporation called upon to bring together all government assets in the industry towards better management and development of fisheries in the World Ocean. (This project has had good welcome from the industry players as potentially paving way for private investors as well.)

Founded in 1920 the trawler fleet is now one of Russia's oldest fishing companies operating on the grounds of the World Ocean. The combine, which is 100% state-owned PLC, is the largest whitefish quota holder in Arkhangelsk Region with exports amounting to the tune of $25 million annually.

It is also the region's largest fishing company with a workforce of about 3000 people.

Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet operates 24 fishing vessels. Its onshore infrastructure is well-developed with its own cargo handling division featuring an approach railway, warehouses and two cold stores capable of storing 1000 tonnes of fish products each at any one time.

Establishments and Vessels with EU Approval:

  • EU No. 33G Konotop (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 34G Achinsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 428 Dokuchayevsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 50H Novoazovsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 58C Menzelinsk (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 67D Kapitan Kononov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 68D Trawlmaster Mogutov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 692 Medvezhyegorsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 697 Kapitan Orlov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 74B Dovsk (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 87B Vetluga (Factory vesel)
  • EU No. 90С Khvalynsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 92B Gorsk (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. C63 Krasnoznamensk (Freezer vessel)

Onshore plant

Apart from a big fleet, the combine runs a modern onshore factory producing a refined range of 30 fish items. The high quality of the combine's products made both onboard and onshore has been continuously confirmed by various awards.

Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet is a traditional participant of various competitions and exhibitions. In particular, ATF has been always winning diplomas at the famous Russian competition 100 Best Goods of Russia conducted in Moscow, Margaritinskaya Yarmarka (Margarita Fair) in Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Quality Exhibition in Arkhangelsk.

At Rybprom-EXPO-2005 in Moscow Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet was awarded gold medal as a laureate of the competition Best Samples of Fish Products-2005. At that time the professional judges appreciated the combine's marinated preserves ‘Posolskie'.

In autumn 2006 ATF brought to the same exhibition samples of new products launched by the company in the same year 2006. Those new products, cod tongues and roes and Master-Kok convenient fish products, were awarded Crystal Quality Mark.

Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet trades in cod, haddock, saithe, ocean perch, mackerel, herring, halibut and blue whiting. The firm's novelties include frozen cod tongues and cod roes. ATF's onshore plant offers marinated preserves from herring, mackerel, saithe, cod, trout and pink salmon (more than 30 items) as well as hot and cold smoked fish.

The company's main principle of operation lies in stringent fish quality control from trawl to counter.

Arkhangelsk Trawlfleet, OAO (plc)
163030 Arkhangelsk, Russia
324, Leningradskiy ave.
Fax (+7 8182) 612197

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