Government-owned OAO "Murmansk Sea Fish Port" plc put up for sale by auction

February 28, 2008 16:02
The Russian Federal Property Fund will be conducting an auction to sell 100% of the shares of OAO "Murmansk Sea Fish Port" plc with the authorized capital of the company totaling RUB 475.27 million, according to an official release.

The authorized capital consists of 4.753 million equities each valued at 100 RUB. All issued shares are offered for sale. The regulatory price of the shares put up for the auction amounts to 270.34 million RUB. The initial price of the share holding is set at the amount of 3.19 billion RUB. The auction step is 100 million RUB.

The auction will take place on 3 June 2008 in Moscow.

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