Government of the Russian Federation establishing Government Commission for fishery industry development

March 20, 2008 16:18
The Government of the Russian Federation has adopted a resolution No 136 about the establishment of the Government Commission for fisheries industry development and about the adoption of the Commission's Rules, reports the Government Press-Service.

According to the Rules, the main aims of the Commission consist in the organization of effective cooperation and in the coordination of the activity of the interested Federal Executive Authorities in the area of fishery industry development.

The Commission in the efforts to realize its tasks shall consider:

  • the proposals for the ensuring of the implementation of common state policy with regard to the fishery industry development;
  • the issues of cooperation between Federal Executive Authorities and interested organizations, arising during the realization of the State Government decisions (resolutions) on the fishery industry development;
  • the proposals for the drafting of normative legal acts which regulate the fishery industry development.

The Commission's staff shall be approved by The Government of the Russian Federation. The work of the Commission shall be carried out according to the plans, confirmed by the Commission's chairman.

The meetings of the Commission shall be held as required, but at least once in three months.

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