Government of Russia simplifying control in fishery industry

February 7, 2011 15:58
The Russian Government has approved a plan of measures aimed at improving control and licensing powers as well as at optimizing state services in the nation's fisheries sector, reports

More specifically, Russia's PM Vladimir Putin has signed the order No.56 dated 21 January 2011 providing for the following measures:

  • to cancel consents of decisions on naming fishing vessels except for the vessels listed in foreign registers, transferred to a Russian charterer for use and ownership under a bareboat-charter contract and temporarily allowed to sail under the State flag of the Russian Federation;
  • to cancel reduction of catch quota allocated to a company, which enjoys the right of capture in the volume specified in vessel's fishing permit, in case of excess of the quota taking into account allowable bycatch;
  • to cancel maintenance of state cadastre of animal objects belonging to the objects of fishery;
  • to cancel organizational and methodical support of system of qualification and competence evaluation of fishing crews;
  • to reduce deadlines for making decisions on introducing fishery restrictions and defining the mechanism of restrictions implementation in the course of the year in on-line regime;
  • to render services of testing the technical control means which provide automatic information about location of fishing vessel free of charge;
  • to cancel issue of veterinary documents for catches of aquatic biological resources and raw materials harvested in inland waters (including inland sea waters) of the Russian Federation, in the territorial sea of the Russian Federation as well as in Russian EEZ and on the Russian continental shelf, transported on the territory of the Russian Federation subject to presentation of a fishing permit copy proving safety of aquatic biological resources and fishing areas;
  • to specify powers of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency to fulfill EU regulations No.1005/2008 dated 29 September 2008 as to issue of a document proving that fish products have not gone through other operations except for loading, transshipment or any other operation carried out in order to preserve them in fine and original condition and have remained under surveillance of competent state authorities; and as to approval of a standard document proving that processed fish has been produced from raw materials, legality of which origin has been proved by competent authorities of third countries.

According to the order, the Federal Fisheries Agency has been commissioned to send to the Government Commission a report on implementation of the above measures on a quarterly basis.

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