Government fully committed to scheduled implementation of fishery industry reform

June 3, 2008 16:00
During the recent meeting of the Government Commission on the Issues of Development of the Fishery Economy Complex its Chairman First deputy Premier Victor Zubkov has confirmed that the legislation to be prepared for the fishery industry's reform will certainly be completed on schedule by the 1st of July despite delays in some government departments, according to an early June official release.

In particular, the Commission has reviewed the progress of preparation of 28 regulatory documents to be submitted to the Cabinet for approval pursuant to the amendments of the Law on Fishery and Conservation of the Aquatic Biological Resources.

According to Zubkov, the legislation in question will make it possible to create clear rules of operation, boost economic and financial returns as well as plug legal vacuum generating conditions for shadow economy and various forms of corruption.

The regulations are necessary to get off the ground a number measures to be implemented as of 1st January 2009. In particular, to name just a few, they include extension of the quota share entitlement from the current five to 10 years and mandatory customs clearance of the catch made by the fleets in the Russian EEZ beyond the 12-mile limit, the clearance to be naturally carried out in Russian ports.

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