Government approves formal list of anadromous species harvested in Russia's inland waters and territorial sea

April 29, 2009 16:22

Russia's Ministry of Justice has approved the order No.13676 dated 6 April 2009 of the Federal Fisheries Agency establishing a formal list of anadromous species harvested in the nation's inland waters and territorial sea, reports ( with reference to Consultant.

The approved list includes Russian and Latin names of such species as pink salmon, Chinook, masu salmon, coho salmon, taimen, inconnu and kutum.

The list has been approved according to Part 5, Article 29.1 of the Federal Law No.166-FZ dated 20 December 2004 "ON FISHERY AND CONSERVATION OF AQUATIC BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES" (Code of laws of the Russian Federation, 2004, No.52, Article 5270; 2006, No.1, Article 10; No.23, Article 2380; No.52, Article 5498; 2007, No.1, Article 1933; No.50, Article 6246; 2008, No.49, Article 5748).

The list of anadromous species capture of which is conducted according to Article 29.1 of the Federal Law "ON FISHERY AND CONSERVATION OF AQUATIC BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES" is given in the table as below.

Appendix to the order of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency No.147 dated 26 February 2009

Names of species



Pink salmon

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Chinook salmon

Oncorhynchus tschawytscha

Masu salmon

Oncorhynchus masou

Chum salmon

Oncorhynchus keta

Coho salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch


Oncorhynchus nerka

Arctic char <1>

Виды рода Salvelinus

Taimen <1>

Виды рода Hucho,  Parahucho

Inconnu <3>

Stenodus leucichthys

Omul <2>

Coregonus autumnalis

Japanese smelt <1>

Hypomesus nipponensis

Smelt <1>

Osmerus mordax

Kutum <3>

Rutilus frisii kutum

Atlantic salmon <4>, <5>

Salmo salar

<1> Far East Fisheries Basin.

<2> East Siberian Fisheries Basin.

<3> Volga-Caspian Fisheries Basin.

<4> North Fisheries Basin.

<5> West Fisheries Basin.

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