Good progress on mackerel production

June 23, 2010 08:54

Production of mackerel at HB Grandi's Vopnafjoerdur factory is going according to plan, according to production manager Magnus Robertsson. He said that grading catches had gone well, but it had taken some time to fine-tune the new equipment for mackerel, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

The factory has finished production of herring and mackerel landed by Ingunn AK and is now working on Lundey NS's catch. Faxi RE is also due to dock at Vopnafjördur today with 250 tonnes, most of which is mackerel. According to Magnus Robertsson, the mackerel is headed and eviscerated before being frozen. A test run of butterfly fillets was also produced for customers overseas.

The mackerel being produced at Vopnafjoerdur ranges in size from 200gr up to 400gr after heading and evisceration. The mackerel does not have a high fat content, but Magnus Robertsson said that the fish can gain weight rapidly in only a few days.

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