Go BIG with Icelandic’s Fisherman’s Platter

February 3, 2011 12:11

Icelandic USA, Inc. has announced Big Bob's Belly Buster Fisherman's Platter, designed to offer a bounty of their most popular seafood items. The Fisherman's Platter includes white and mild Flounder, sweet Shrimp, and succulent Scallops-all prepared in the same cook time. It's an ideal option for restaurant operators looking to attract a big crowd, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Icelandic USA.

"The fact that operators can cook all the items and have them plated in 3 minutes from the fryer is one of the biggest advantages," stated Jim Papadakis, Director of Marketing, Icelandic USA. All items can be baked as well.

Icelandic's Fisherman's Platter is available portioned and pre-packaged in individual 9 oz. and 12 oz. servings. This helps eliminate the time, space and effort involved in creating and assembling a traditional fish platter. The individual packaging also eliminates the risk of over buying and allows operators a risk-free way of replacing current seafood offerings or introducing seafood to their menu for the first time.

Each item included in the Fisherman's Platter is deliciously prepared in a select coating to highlight the flavor of the fish. The Flounder is coated in Icelandic's Signature SeaCrisp® breading, the Shrimp is prepared in a buttery-soft Southern Style Biscuit Batter, and the Scallops are breaded in a light and crispy Country Fry coating.

Big Bob's Fisherman's Platter is available through Icelandic® USA foodservice channels.

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