Global Trust Certification accredited for MSC Fishery and Chain of Custody certifications

March 16, 2010 10:23

Global Trust Certification (formerly IFQC) has been accredited by independent accreditation body, Accreditation Services International, to carry out the assessment and certification of fisheries  to the Marine Stewardship Council standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. GTC has also been accredited to carry out certifications for the MSC chain of custody standard for seafood traceability, reports with reference to MSC.
What the MSC says

Rupert Howes, Chief Executive of the MSC says: "By achieving MSC accreditation, Global Trust Certification has joined a growing number of certifiers accredited to carry out MSC fishery and Chain of Custody certifications. Independent certifiers are vital to the rigour of the independent assessment process and GTC brings welcome certifier capacity at a time when fishery and supply chain companies are showing unprecedented interest in MSC certification. I am delighted that GTC is the 10th certifier accredited to carry out fishery assessments and I look forward to seeing more of their assessments reach their conclusions in the near future."
What GlobalTrust says

Peter Marshall, Chief Executive of Global Trust says: "Global Trust  is very proud to have completed the fishery accreditation process and to be in a position to now provide both MSC Fishery and Chain of Custody certification services globally to fisheries, processor and seafood supplierswhowant to take part in the MSC programme.. Global Trust brings a competent, cordial and common sense approach which we feel will be welcomed by MSC Clients. Global Trust have been active with MSC certifications in Canada and the USA. Dave Garforth, Global Trust Seafood Director adds, ‘ We are delighted to secure our accreditation for MSC certification activities and look forward to discussing our services with fishery managers and organisations at both the Boston Seafood Show and Brussels ESE this Spring.  We encourage fisheries to contact us with request and queries'.
About  Global Trust Certification

Global Trust Certification is an internationally recognized and accredited certification body with operational projects in over 15 countries. Global Trust Certification leads the world in seafood standards  certification and facilitation and attained EN45011 /ISO 65 Accreditation for Seafood Standards as far back as 2001. The Ireland-based company was founded in 1998 by the current CEO, Mr. Peter Marshall, to service the needs of industry and to bridge confidence through certification.  For more information visit
About Accreditation Services International

ASI-Accreditation Services International is an independent accreditation body which delivers accreditation and other relevant services to the Forest Stewardship Council and other certification schemes worldwide.

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