Global Conference on Aquaculture: ten year review and look ahead at fast growing sector

September 24, 2010 09:35

Aquaculture has grown over the past decade to where it now provides nearly 50 percent of global supplies of fish as human food. A Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010 will take place in Phuket, Thailand, with more than 700 participants from 60 countries, to evaluate where the sector stands today and face upcoming challenges and opportunities, reports with reference to FAO.

Important issues to be discussed will be the ways to reduce and mitigate the environmental impact and to improve governance of the sector while further increasing its contribution to food security, economic development and poverty alleviation. The conference will hear about technological advancement over the last 10 years in such areas as water treatment, new farming systems and species, health management, improved information and communication, and fish feed with substantially reduced fishmeal content. Despite good progress, much more needs to be done in priority areas, the conference will hear.

Since the sector already provides over 30 million jobs worldwide, governments are increasingly seeing aquaculture as an important element in rural development and investment strategies. However, regions like Africa are being left behind.

Genetics in aquaculture will be a hot topic. Some successes include the use of "induced triploidy" in large rainbow trout to induce continued growth while the fish remain in prime condition. On the other hand, the genetic management of aquaculture production has frequently been inadequate which results in a decline in production due to inbreeding, genetic drift and uncontrolled hybridization.

WHAT: Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010
WHEN: 22-25 September 2010
WHERE: Phuket, Thailand

Peter Lowrey, FAO media relations, (+39) 06 5705 2762; (+39) 340 699 2258 ; and Rohana Subasinghe, FAO aquaculture expert; (+39) 348 154 1351

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