GL Foods Opens New HPP Plant in Strategic Distribution Hub

September 27, 2010 09:05

Responding to consumer concerns about food safety and wholesomeness, Global Leading Foods, HPP (GL Foods) has opened a new high-pressure processing (HPP) facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to offer the advantages of the proven technology to food processors on a contract service basis, reports with reference to HPP Foods.

HPP, a proven post-packaging lethality treatment that inactivates food-borne pathogens and spoilage organisms, has great benefits for processors, retailers, and consumers alike, explains Rick DeHerder, GLF partner.

"This established technology has tremendous value for every step of the supply chain. It is a highly effective food safety measure, a means of extending product shelf-life, and a way to reduce or eliminate food additives, something we know is top-of-mind for consumers. By expanding the opportunity for the use of HPP by providing contract processing services, we are bringing all these benefits to a much larger segment of the marketplace," DeHerder notes. "Our facility offers processors the opportunity test market new products or to produce large production volumes."

The company's home in the Dallas Metroplex, a strategic hub for U.S. food distribution, brings a new level of economy and convenience to processors. Co-located with one of the premier food logistics providers in the industry, Castle & Cooke, the GL Foods plant can provide customers with a comprehensive suite of value-added services such as labeling, kitting, packaging, and shipping-while maximizing distribution efficiencies, even for complex products.

The dedicated HPP contract processing facility is using the high-capacity model QFP 350L-600 HPP system from Avure Technologies, Kent, WA ( ).

With a working capacity of 350 liters per cycle and the world's fastest cycle times, the 350L achieves rapid food-borne pathogen destruction in products ranging from ready-toeat meats to wet salads and sauces.

"As we set about to build our operations from the ground up, Avure was clearly the market leader and the best possible choice for HPP equipment," remarks Kelley Battles, GLF partner. "Together we can offer joint product development assistance services to processors to create new food applications, especially those targeted to mounting consumer preferences for more healthful products with less sodium and fewer chemical ingredients."

"We are delighted to welcome GL Foods into the HPP contract processing industry," states Pat Adams, Avure's President and CEO. "Food recalls, unfortunately, continue to grab the headlines, and the need for processors to adopt reliable and economical safety measures has become an imperative. Our HPP systems have a compelling role to play, and this new facility, with its strategic location, makes an additional layer of protection accessible to processors of all sizes."

To introduce its new capabilities to processors, GL Foods is holding a day-long workshop and plant tour on October 6, 2010. Discussion will focus on food trends and consumer priorities, the science and economics of HPP, and the full range of services offered at the HPP contract services facility. "We are very enthusiastic about helping processors resolve challenges ranging from food safety and shelf-life to sodium levels and the use of preservatives in their products," says Tim Battles, GLF partner.

About Global Leading Foods, HPP

Established to extend the many benefits of high pressure processing throughout the food chain, Global Leading Foods, HPP is the premier HPP toll processor located in the heart of America's food distribution network in Dallas, Texas.

About HPP

A non-thermal process, High Pressure Processing uses water under very high hydrostatic pressure (up to 6,000 bar) to disable pathogens and bacteria such as Listeria, E.coli, and Salmonella in packaged products as diverse as RTE meats, soups, wet salads, sauces, juices, fruit smoothies, and seafood. It is recognized by governmental agencies around the world as a highly effective listericidal process. Unlike heat applications, HPP has no negative impact on the nutrient value of foods. Avure HPP equipment currently enhances the safety of over $3 billion of food products sold annually around the globe.

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