Frozen foods group resuming seafood supplies to the Ukraine

August 28, 2007 16:27

In the recent months Ledovo Group (Russian major frozen foods producer with headquarters in Moscow) has been boosting its sales of seafood products on the Ukrainian market and as of August 2007 the company will monthly supply products worth 50,000 USD to the country's retail chains.

More specifically, the Ukrainian consumers are now offered Ledovo's new range of marinated products under the Bon Appetit! sub-label.

Ledovo Group of Companies started exporting products to the Ukraine in July 2005. The sales were halted in late 2006 due to changes of the group's product ranges within the framework of its rebranding project. As a result, in 2006 Ledovo exported 50 tonnes of products to the Ukraine with the supplied range including a line of frozen shellfish and mollusks as well as delicatessen products in marinades.

According to the conditions of the new contract with the group's distributor, Ledovo's products will be on display in the largest shops of the Ukrainian capital Kiev and in the nation's regional retail chains. By the end of 2007 Ledovo will supply ca.90 tonnes of products to the Ukraine. The range includes frozen shellfish and mollusks under the SALMON label as well as the new product line under the label of Bon Appetit!. The new line consists of 19 various products in three main categories of ready-to-eat shellfish/mollusks in marinades for salads; ready-to-eat exotic shellfish-based salads in sauces and ready-to-eat laminaria salads. BTL and trade-marketing actions are planned to promote the group's products on the market.

The Ukraine has been integrating into the European communities more and more, commented Ledovo's Owner and President Nadezhda Kopytina. The trend is visible in all the spheres of life in the Ukraine and it also influences their food preferences with share of lovers of exotic cuisine and shellfish/mollusks rising. That is why Ledovo not only launches new products on the Ukrainian market (such as Bon Appetit!), but they thoroughly study capacities and prospects for Ledovo's production in the Ukraine - development of franchise production of Ledovo-labelled products.

Within its strategy of building a multinational label of Ledovo the group has been working hard to boost its export sales. As compared to the first half of 2006, export sales of its products grew insufficiently to account for 6% of the group's total sales. In the second half of 2007 Ledovo plans to increase its export sales 2.5 times. Along with the Ukraine, Ledovo exports its products to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova. In 2007 the group signed an annual contract with Maxima (VP Market), the largest retail operator in the Baltic States. Thanks to the contract, products under the sub-label of Salmon are now on sale in 330 retail outlets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. As of October current there will also be the "Bon Appetit!" new line.

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