Frozen food group launched tiger shrimp range

September 26, 2006 12:21

Lyodovo Group of companies (major producer of frozen foods and seafood with headquarters in Moscow) has launched marinated preserves from peeled tiger shrimp under its SALMON label as of September 2006.

The new product called “Giant Shrimps in Brine” is made from warmwater Indian tiger shrimp of the count 40/60 and 60/80. Shrimps have thick juicy flesh and its taste resembles that of crab meat. Until recently tiger shrimp on the Russian market has been available only in fresh, chilled or iced form as well as frozen. Marinated preserves from peeled tiger shrimp can be found only in Europe, mostly in the countries traditionally oriented for consumption of seafood delicatessen such as Denmark and Norway.

Giant shrimps in brine from Lyodovo Group will be marketed in poly packs – 385-gram plastic jars. The retail price is recommended at RUR160.00. The product’s shelf life is 3 months under the average cold temperatures. Just like other seafood delicatessen marketed under the SALMON label, giant shrimps go with beer, white wine or vermouth. They can be eaten as a separate dish and as snacks or they can be added into salads and other dishes. The product is completely ready to eat and the consumer only has to pour out the brine. As of October 2006 the new range will be sold in the retail chains of Moscow where the group supplies its produce. Then the novelty will be promoted onto the market of CIS and EU.


The recipe of the new product has no analogues in the world, the producer claims. The technology of manufacturing marinated preserves from shellfish is the company’s know-how. For production the group uses only natural marine products without any colors or flavors, the group underlines. The preserves are often promoted as nearly “live” shellfish in marinades. They are processed under a special technology by a brine enabling the shellfish retain their proteins and vitamins, otherwise unstable in case of thermal treatment, according to Lyodovo.

Tiger shrimps are also promoted by the company as healthy food because they are rich in essential amino acids, minerals as well as in protein assimilated much easier than animals’ protein. The consumer is also told that the deli is a dietetic, low-calorie and low-carbohydrate foodstuff rich in the complex of healthy elements, Lyodovo pointed out.

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