Following saithe certification, UK Fisheries, DFFU and Doggerbank enter cod and haddock fisheries into MSC assessment

January 27, 2011 13:47

In the wake of the certification of its saithe fishery, UK Fisheries, DFFU and Doggerbank GmbH have entered their Arctic cod and haddock fisheries for MSC assessment. The new assessment -  will also include a further saithe fishery for UK Fisheries Ltd -from the North East Arctic stocks, reports with reference to MSC.
About the fisheries

The fishery comprises eight freezer trawler vessels using otter trawls (a form of bottom trawl). The records of major European fishing ports such as Hull and Bremerhavene show a long history of European fishing vessels catching cod in the North East Arctic. The fisheries initially in international waters subsequently fell under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Norway with fishing operations subject to strict licensing and quota controls.
Ongoing commitment

Nigel Atkins, Chairman of UK Fisheries says: "The extension of coverage of assessment to the other principal fisheries upon which are vessels are engaged demonstrates the ongoing commitment of UK Fisheries to produce sustainable  seafood for the market."
A renewed commitment

Claire Pescod, UK fisheries Outreach Manager at the MSC says: "Hot on the heels of their saithe fishery certification UK Fisheries, DFFU and Doggerbank Group are renewing their commitment to whitefish sustainability by entering their two cod and haddock fisheries into MSC assessment. If successful, the 18,739MT of cod and 3,339MT of haddock caught by these organisations will help to meet the increasing consumer demand for certified sustainable seafood both in the UK and Europe. "
Getting involved

The assessment will be carried out by independent certifier MacAlister Elliott and Partners Ltd (MEP) and anyone with an interest in the fishery can be involved.  MEP has already identified 20 stakeholder groups. If you would like to be involved in the assessment, please contact Chrissie Sieben on

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