FISHNET updated Sortable E-Guide of Russian holders of capture quota shares in 2009-2018

December 2, 2008 16:25

The guide has been compiled by analysts of ( from the data given in the orders No.357-DK, 358-DK and 359-DK dated 27 November 2008 on introducing amendments into the orders No.306-DK, 307-DK, 308-DK dated 11 November 2008 issued by Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency. The publication covers quota shares for fisheries in the offshore, inshore waters and in the areas under the jurisdiction of international agreements of the Russian Federation.

The guide is available to subscribers to the Russian Fish Report PROFI Pack at

For information regarding subscription to the Russian Fish Report PROFI Pack please go to or contact our sales manager Oksana Kozlova icq 402622314 at, tel./fax: +7 81153 38685, 39081.

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