FISHNET.RU seafood portal making headlines as leader in innovations

March 27, 2008 10:45

The fast growing Russia-based international and interregional seafood portal ( in English) that bridges markets of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Russian regions and the rest of the world has come forward as an undisputed leader in terms of innovations in the Russian seafood Internet.

With up to more than 14,000 hits per day, the innovations such as for example, First Fish TV, Fish Fair Interactive, Brand Show Case are getting wide exposure and receiving positive welcom from the Russian seafood community and Russia-linked foreign counterparts.

To give more detail, First Fish TV has been gathering good momentum and many Russian operators (among them such companies as Russian Sea Group, Brig Star Group, Baltiskaya Gildiaya, Archangelsk Trawl Fleet etc.) have used the opportunity to make a vivid presentation of the advantages of their products. Also various interviews (from Seafood Russia Exposition, Prodexpo etc.) and information videos have been broadcast with high viewing efficiency.

Another novelty is the BRAND SHOW CASE given the pride of the place at the top of the main page. This service has become the most effective with the market players. The traders attractively present their labels on the brightly designed pages with the hyperlink logos located at the top of the main page of The company's BRAND SHOW CASE presentation features content, photos, price lists, contact information etc.

The market players registered on / (more than 3000) are given an extra service - Free Newsletter circulated via e-mail daily providing information of all the new developments on the site (new offers with photos, headlines of the news, new messages on the Forum, new offers in the Price List section with photos). Among that, registered users can create a free unlimited mailbox at

The Forum has been developing at a fast rate as well. Most actively working are the topics of cooperation and business offers with the topic "blacklisted companies" being especially popular and creating far-reaching repercussions. Here, companies post and discuss unreliable partners and sometimes even banks will call to enquire about blacklisted businesses.

Subscribers to the paid services of the site enjoy all the advantages of the comprehensive information service on the . They are provided with day-to-day information on the latest developments in the industry from the fish stocks situation to the market, etc both in Russia and abroad. The information is provided in the form of RK-PROFI bulletin issued weekly and backed up by the archives and access to daily Paid News section on English-speaking subscribers are provided with similar services customized to the need of the foreign audience and sold in the form of the Russian Fish Report PROFI PACK at the English language part of the site (

The portal is holding at the top positions in the popular Russian search engine with the keywords "ryba" (fish), "kuplyu rybu" (buy fish), "prodam rybu" (sell fish), "ryba optom" (wholesale fish) etc. The site is promoted as interregional and international marketplace for fishermen, processors, wholesalers, exporters and importers who also get a high-class business information service of seafood market players.

Apart from Internet means, a huge promotional campaign has being conducted to highlight ( in leading seafood magazines with full page advertisements on the inside cover of Eurofish Magazine, Fish and Seafood Magazine (Moscow) and Moscow Seafood World Directory.
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