FISHNET completes report on Russian canned seafood importation in 2004-2007

December 30, 2008 15:35

FISHNET Ltd has completed a study of Russian canned seafood importation in 2004-2007, according to ( for the Russian audience).

The report is designed to satisfy interest of the international seafood community in the Russian canned fish market.

The report shows the general dynamics of canned seafood import in 2004-2007. The analysis is based on the OFFICIAL STATISTICS of Russia's Federal Customs Service procured DIRECTLY AT THE SOURCE. Importation of key canned fish products has been in the greatest focus as most completely reflecting the general trends of the Russian canned seafood import.

The report covers the HSC Group 1604 "Ready-to-eat or canned fish; sturgeon caviar and its substitutes made from fish roes" and 1605 "Ready-to-eat or canned shellfish, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates" with a number of the most important HSCs with the largest volumes of shipments and interesting dynamics held in special focus.

The study carries out a thorough analysis of the Russian import of canned seafood by means of examining its volume and value, shares of production countries in the total import volume and in the volumes of selected product groups, dynamics of prices of particular import articles and other aspects.

The report's major challenge is to help exporters find new possibilities to develop lucrative business in Russia and highlight investment opportunities for organizing production inside the country.

The report has been written by FISHNET Ltd rendering business information services for Russian and foreign fish companies since 1996. For English speakers FishNet produces the Russian Fish Report E-Monthly providing detailed information on trade, quotas, stocks, markets and companies in the Russian fisheries sector from the Russian Far East, the Murmansk region and Kaliningrad. For Russian audience the company offers RK-PROFI electronic weekly aimed at serving the information needs of the nation's seafood producers, processors, exporters and importers.

The above two products are distributed via FISHNET's own sites (for English speakers) and (for the Russian audience) which have acquired reputation of Russia's leading seafood portal hitting a targeted group of seafood professionals such as fish market operators, distributors and seafood traders. The is in the forefront in terms of seafood on leading internet search engine Google (e.g. search on "Russian fish market", "Russian fish exporters», «Russian fish importers», «Russian fish»).

Our partners are Eurofish (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Fish and Seafood Magazine (Moscow, Russia).

Please send order for the study or enquiries to our sales manager Oksana Kozlova icq 402622314 at, tel./fax: +7 81153 38685, 39081.

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