Fishing sites in Arkhangelsk to be distributed via tender in late May

May 26, 2009 16:33

In late May a tender for the fishing sites in three districts of Arkhangelsk province - Primorsky, Mezensky and Onezhsky - will be finished and the fishermen will get the right to conduct operations in these areas, reports ( with reference to REGNUM.

More specifically, on 26 May 2009 the respective commission will gather for the first time to open the envelopes with the applications which will scrutinized in the following 20 days. Another 10 days are given to decision making and another 10 days for contract making.

The tender is open only for juridical persons. Any private business can offer its highest price to pay for the access to these sites. After getting the access the company may for instance sell the fishing permits to the local recreational fishermen who are actually not happy with the new regulation because they have been fishing for food there for a long time.

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