Fishing opportunities for 2011 in the Black Sea

December 14, 2010 11:09

Ministers reached a political agreement on a regulation fixing for 2011 the fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks applicable in the Black Sea on the basis of a Presidency compromise, drawn up in agreement with the Commission, reports with reference to Commission of EU.

The Council will adopt this Regulation, following finalisation by the legal/linguistic experts, at one of its forthcoming meetings.

The main element of the Presidency compromise endorsed by the Commission is a reduction of 10% in the EU total allowable catches (TACs) in the Black Sea for turbot and sprat.

The following table sets out the indicative values of the TACs in the Black Sea for 2011 compared with those for 2010 and the Commission proposal.



COUNCIL comparison 2011/2010

COMMISSION proposal for 2011

Comparison Council TAC 2010 / Commission proposal 2011













The Council and the Commission agreed that it is appropriate to establish adequate measures such as inspection schemes and benchmarks to address the misreporting and illegal fishery for turbot in the Black Sea. Such measures should be developed by Member States concerned jointly with the Commission in 2011.

In addition, the Council and the Commission agreed that regional cooperation on fishery in the Black Sea should be established to promote sustainable stock management in this area and will take respective actions in line with their competence.

Finally, the Council invites the Commission to propose the establishment of minimum landing and mesh sizes for the turbot fishery in the Black Sea, while underlining that the TAC levels established in the regulation for 2011 have been set at a level taking into account the continuous application of national provisions existing in Bulgaria and Romania in this regard.

According to Article 43(3) of the Treaty, the Council has to adopt measures on a proposal from the Commission on the fixing and allocation of fishing opportunities in the Black Sea.

As the existing provisions are applicable until 31 December 2010 the regulation will apply from 1 January 2011 on.

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