FISHET producing E-Guide of Russian Company Offshore Quotas-2007

December 19, 2006 11:38

The publisher of Russian Fish Report PROFI Pack FISHNET has produced E-Guide of Russian Company Offshore Quotas-2007 to further enhance the service to paid subscribers to Russian Fish Report.

The quota guide 2007 is published in the appendix 3 at the end of the December issue of the Russian Fish Report. The full guide with comparisons for the years 2005-2007 is available via password from where it is possible to download daily news, current RFR on the day of publication, RFR archives and use both international (English-language) trading board and domestic (Russian-language) trading board.

The E-Guide makes it possible to see what quotas are allocated to each particular quota holder in all fishery basins with breakdown to fishing zones and subzones. The electronic format also gives the advantage of sorting the info to specific needs of each subscriber.

FOR MORE DETAILS regarding subscription to the Russian Fish Report PROFI Pack please feel free to contact our sales manager Oksana Kozlova icq 402622314 at, tel./fax: +7 81153 50885.

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