Turkish yard starts building of BMRT "Magadan" for Russian owners

March 10, 2021 09:16

Construction of the factory freezer trawler BMRT “Magadan” has taken off for Pacific Fishery LLC (Tikhrybcom) at Tersan shipyard in Turkey, and it is hoped that in the future similar large-tonnage vessels will be built in Russia, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the owners, the main particulars of the vessel (design ST -119 PFC by Norway’s Skipsteknisk) are as follows: length overall 90.65 meters, beam 18 meters, the height of the sides to the main fishing deck 10.5 meters, while the distance between the frames is 60 cm. The height to the third deck and the running bridge is 18.7 meters.

BMRT "Magadan" has a high ice class (RMRS ICE-1A Super) and, most importantly, modern solutions in terms of ice removal techniques and the energy efficiency of the trawler.

The diesel fuel capacity is 1250 cubic meters, which should be enough in active fishing for 20 -25 days without bunkering. The vessel is built for fishery with a single bottom or pelagic trawl. In terms of convenience and maximum catch, the greatest attention is paid to the trawling of herring and mackerel. The vessel will be equipped with an automatic trawling system, two trawl winches with a pulling force of 34-81 on each, for two kilometers of a 34 mm warp. Net drums and of course a pair of winches for drying the trawl bag and pouring the catch.

BMRT Magadan is designed to operate in the harsh conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk and other fishing areas of the Pacific Ocean for trawl fishery and processing of pollock, herring, Japanese pilchard and mackerel, including in conditions of broken ice.

The onboard factory will produce fresh-frozen fish, as well as fillets, minced meat, frozen liver and pollock roe, fishmeal and fish oil with the daily processing capacity of 450 tons.

On pelagic fish (Japanese pilchard, mackerel, herring), which form large seasonal schools in the Sea of Okhotsk, medium trawlers are ineffective. Frequent overflow of the hold and the inability to fish in a storm and strong winds significantly reduce the number of fishing days. For conducting marine fishing, large trawlers with maximum autonomy and optimal displacement are most profitable.

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