April 29, 2014 17:25

Faxi RE was in Akranes last night with a full load of 1500 tonnes of blue whiting. The fish were caught over three days at the southern tip of the Faroese EEZ and skipper Albert Sveinsson said that they had been taking 150 to 400 tonnes in each tow.

‘The fishing has been fine and it seems that the blue whiting aren’t moving rapidly northwards through the Faroese zone. The fishing has been best furthest south, as it was in the previous trip. It could be that the fish are feeding as the fishing has been very patchy. We finished the trip on a small area where there were some strong marks. It’s an area that would have been perfect for one boat, but there were plenty of us there and we had to wait for a chance to get onto the tow,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

Faxi started steaming at midday Thursday and he said he expects to be alongside at Akranes last night. This is a trip of around 460 nautical miles. Albert Sveinsson said that the blue whiting have been bigger this trip than they were in the previous trip when Faxi landed 1520 tonnes.


Source: HB Grandi
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