Salmon fishery progressing in Russia’s Far East

June 11, 2020 15:32

As per June 7, 2020 Russia’s catches of Pacific salmons in the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin amounted to ca.690 metric tons.


Traditionally, sockeye is the most targeted species when the salmon fishery takes off. Its catch by the end of the first week of June amounted to 615.3 tonnes, which were harvested mostly in the Gulf of Kamckatka.

For comparison, in the year 2018 by the same day the Russian fishermen caught ca.640 tonnes of sockeye. The catch lag this year can be explained by later fishery start, as the fishermen had to wait until 120,000-150,000 sockeye producers (spring form) ran into the Kamchatka River. As per June 7, some 188 thousand spring sockeyes ran into the river for spawning.

Other salmons

Chinook salmon and pink salmon followed sockeye in the list of most targeted salmons. Their catches amounted to 36 and 31 tonnes respectively. Catches of chum and masu salmon were tiny - 5.6 and 0.7 tonnes namely.

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