Sakhalin fishing companies losing capture quotas

November 16, 2011 16:51

Sakhalin judicial authorities continue campaign on early termination of agreements on ten-year shares of capture quotas with those companies which have covered less than one half of their allocations two years running, reports

More specifically, as per 10 November 2011 the local Court of Arbitration terminated 19 agreements with 4 companies. The released quotas cover flounder, halibut, cod in the West-Kamchatka subarea, halibut and triangle tanner crab in the East Sakhalin subarea, cod in the Kamchatka Kurile subarea, triangle tanner crab in the North Okhotsk subarea and cod and Pacific herring in the West Bering Sea zone. Along with the above, holders lost shares of pollock, pink shrimp and Chionoecetes japonicus crab in the West Sakhalin subarea, Chionoecetes japonicus crab in the Primorye subarea (Sea of Japan), squid and halibut in the North Kurile zone and pollock in the South Kurile zone.

Sakhalin fishermen however say the situation is no tragedy as termination decisions have touched only small quotas of low importance to their ex-holders.

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