Russia's Pacific Salmon Catch Report as per 20 July 2012 gives mixed Signals to the Market

July 20, 2012 18:21

As per 20 July (latest available figures) the Salmon catch in the Russian Far East has increased by 61% on the same period of the basis even year of 2010. However the result is not as impressive if comparison is made with the bumper year of 2011. The inventory from the last season is another factor in the play, reports based on data of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

The main fishing efforts are concentrating in the East Kamchatka where the fishermen are harvesting Karaginsk Subarea pink salmon and sockeye salmon of the Petropavlovsk- Commander Subzone The total salmon catch as per the date has amounted to 45000 metric tons. The figures are good but the forecasted catch this year is nearly halved to 275 000 tonnes as compared to more than 500 000 tonnes of salmon species caught in 2011.

Table. Wild Harvest in the Russian Far East by region as per 20 July 2012


Harvest,2012 ‘000 tonnes

% change on 2010

Kamchatka Territory


124 %

Khabarovsk Region



Sakhalin Region



Primorye Territory


154,5 %

First salmon runners have been noticed in river catches in West Kamchatka and as of 23 July current marine seines are to be allowed and pink salmon fishery on the Coast will kick off.


The salmon fishery continues in the North Kuriles, at the Northwest Coast and in the Gulf of Patience off the southeastern coast of Sakhalin between the main body of Sakhalin Island in the west and Cape Patience in the east. (It is part of the Sea of Okhotsk).

The fishery got started also at the Southeast Coast, Northeast Coast, in the Aniva Gulf and at the Iturup Island.


Pink salmon runs will last here for another 10 days only and in the South the daily catch already fell to 50 tonnes.


No big runs are being observed in the area and the catch oа pacific salmons has amounted to a modest 247 tonnes.


The catch in Primorye amounted to 1159 tonnes.

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