Russia's fish catches in early 2012 lag slightly behind last year figures

February 14, 2012 15:57

For the first time in the recent years Russian fishermen have reported smaller catches as compared to the same period of the previous year, reports

By 12 February 2012 Russia's total harvest amounted to 515,500 MT of aquatic species, 2,800 MT or 0.5% down on the respective period of 2011.

The decline was first of all due to smaller pollock catches in the Russian Far East, according to PR head of the nation's Federal Fisheries Agency Alexander Saveljev.

The total harvest in the Russian Far East Fisheries Basin amounted to 382,700 MT, 4,000 MT down on last year. The figure included 285,900 MT of pollock, 15,500 MT down on last year.

The North Fisheries Basin contributed 82,500 MT of fish to the nation's harvest, the result also being lower than last year (-6,900 MT namely). The dominating species in the area was cod, catches of which rose by 8,300 MT to 48,100 MT.

Baltic fishermen harvested 5,200 MT of fish (+400 MT on last year). The nation's harvest in the Azov-Black Sea Basin amounted to 3,800 MT in keeping with the last year result.

In the Caspian Sea catches of sprat remained practically on a par with last year, namely at 200 MT.

In foreign waters Russian fishermen harvested 40,200 MT of fish, 900 MT down on last year. In the convention waters and open part of the World Ocean the Russian harvest grew by 600 MT to 1,000 MT.

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