Russian scientists producing fish capture forecast for 2013

March 22, 2012 10:34

In mid-March 2012 Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) hosted a scientific council which discussed forecast for fish catches in 2013 and concluded that their dynamics could be mixed, reports

More specifically, the scientists think that the halibut TAC can be raised from 15,000 MT to 18,000 MT. And Russia's quota for 2012-2013 will therefore amount to a little more than 8,000 MT.

Stable condition of the stocks has been observed for capelin and polar cod Boreogadus saida in the Barents Sea. A slight decline of the Russian capelin TAC to 93,000 MT has been still forecasted while the polar cod TAC is forecasted to be increased to 72,000 MT.

In 2013 the Russian scientists forecast a decrease of cod and haddock catches in the Barents Sea. Taking into account figures collected in 2011 the scientists forecast a small decline of cod catches from 327,857 MT (quota 2012) to 320,000 MT in 2013.

The decline for haddock is expected to be fairly strong - from 144,253 MT in 2012 to 110,000 MT in 2013.

Blue whiting stocks in the Norwegian Sea are in a depleted condition now. Potential harvest of the Russian fishermen is therefore decreased to 85,000 MT.

Herring has been showing a stable trend of its declining abundance. Thefore the scientists forecast its TAC 2013 at 107,000 MT.

As for mackerel, coastal states have not yet come to agreement on their national quotas, therefore the mackerel fishery remain practically unregulated now. Potential mackerel catch of Russian vessels is estimated at 55,000 MT.

The above forecasts have been made as mathematic calculations based on PINRO's own figures and figures provided by international organizations and are regarded scientifically grounded. Most fish species targeted by fishermen of Murmansk-led North Basin are transboundary stocks and the procedure of their TAC definition is associated with international expert checks of the calculated forecasts.

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