Russian scientists produced TAC advice for fisheries in Pacific area in 4Q 2011

October 10, 2011 13:06

According to Vladivostok-based fishery research institute TINRO-Center, the total harvest of finfish and other aquatic species in the Russian Far East Basin as per 12 September 2011 amounted to 2,236,700 MT (53% of total year forecast), reports

More than one half of this volume was APO (1,315,900 MT). The other major kinds of fish are: salmons (472,400 MT), herring (145,200 MT), soles (53,200 MT), cod - all kinds of gear (51,600 MT), Atka mackerel (36,300 MT), halibut (11,900 MT), grenadier (12,100 MT), monkfish (12,300 MT), wachna cod (18,500 MT). The other objects make 4% of total catch.

The best situation in 2011 took place at APO fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk.  Surplus to 2010 was 97,600 MT. Herring was actively caught in the North Okhotsk area in winter and spring, taken volume was 107,500 MT higher than I 2010. A certain decrease was recorded for Atka mackerel, wachna cod (more than 5,000 MT each) and armhook squid (also known as commander squid Berryteuthis magister) (9,700 MT).

It was recommended to catch 867,400 MT of fish in the fourth quarter 2011 - 20.5% of year volume (not taking into account sea mammals).  Of it 259,800 MT - APO, 245,800 MT - herring, 185,500 MT - salmon, 119,500 MT - squids, 60,000 MT - saury, 29,600 MT- Atka mackerel, 27,140 - soles, 20,760 - cod, 12,900 MT - crabs, 11,500 MT - grenadiers, 9,600 MT - wachna cod, 5,800 MT - prawns. So, the distribution between EEZ and coastal waters will be 721,900/145,500 MT.

Weather forecast is a certain delay of winter monsoon, somewhat higher temperatures.  It will delay ice formation, and number of storm days is expected to be less than a year ago.  However, ice formation in the north of the Sea of Okhotsk will complicate coastal fishery and herring fishery in December.

It is expected that year quota will be exhausted fully for most objects providing enough fleet is available.

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