Russian national catch progress to November 2020

December 4, 2020 09:04

According to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, as per 30 November 2020 Russian fleets caught 4,619.8 thousand metric tons of finfish and other aquatic species, 0.4% or 17,920 tonnes up on the corresponding result of last year, reports

Russian Far East

In the Far East Fishery Basin the catch grew by 3.55% (114,830 tonnes) to 3,353.51 thousand tonnes. Pollock catches rose by 89,070 tonnes to 1,734.48 thousand tonnes, while the pacific cod catches jumped by 16,770 tonnes to 160,690 tonnes. The catch of Pacific herring increased by 6,730 tonnes to 327,210 tonnes.

Catches of Pacific salmons totalled 299,840 tonnes, 378,800 tonnes or 55.82% down on 2018 and 198,380 tonnes or 39.82% down on 2019.

Murmansk-led North Fisheries

In the North Fisheries Basin, the Russian fleets harvested 464,890 tonnes, 10,770 tonnes or 2.27% on last year. The Atlantic cod catch decreased by 19,920 tonnes to 287,090 tonnes. Haddock catches increased by 10,800 tonnes to 81,730 tonnes.


In the Western Fisheries Basin catches increased by 1,850 tonnes or 2.58% on last year to 73,730 tonnes. Sprat catches rose by 4,370 tonnes to 41,940 tonnes. Baltic herring catches decreased by 580 tonnes to 21,700 tonnes.

Volga-Caspian Fisheries

In the Volga-Caspian Fisheries Basin catches went up by 5,240 tonnes or 8.82% to 64,640 tonnes. Catches of sprat amounted to 10,760 tonnes, 8,450 tonnes up on last year. Catches of freshwater species declined by 940 tonnes to about 25,120 tonnes.

Azov-Black Sea Fisheries

In the Azov-Black Sea Fisheries Basin 58,690 tonnes were caught, 3,710 tonnes or 4.7% down on last year. Catches of anchovy increased by 2,030 tonnes to 24,370 tonnes. Sprat catches amounted to 18,280 tonnes, 340 tonnes up on last year. Black sea sprat catches total 2,130 tonnes (-1,040 tonnes).

Foreign zones

In the foreign zones the Russian fleet captured 277,200 tonnes (-43,900 tonnes) and in the convention areas and in the open part of the World Ocean the Russian catches totalled 282,700 tonnes (-45,000 tonnes).

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