Russian catch progress by early February 2021

February 11, 2021 12:15

As of February 8, 2021 Russian fishermen harvested 451,250 metric tons of fish and other aquatic species. The year-on-year decline amounted to 62,490 tonnes or 12.2%, reports

According to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, catch rises YOY were recorded for Pacific herring (+45.63%), Caspian sprat (+395.41%), Baltic sprat (+98.54%) and Baltic herring (+3%).

In the Russian Far East, the nation’s fishermen harvested 340.56 thousand tonnes of fish (66.23 thousand tonnes or 16.28% less than in 2020). Alaska pollock catches totalled 216.02 thousand tonnes (-85.19 thousand tonnes), cod – 19.63 thousand tonnes (-3.89 thousand tonnes), herring – 73.47 thousand tons (+23.02 thousand tonnes or +45.63%).

In Murmansk-led North Fisheries the total production volume amounted to 43.12 thousand tonnes (-5.51 thousand tonnes or -11.33%). Cod catches totalled 33.05 thousand tonnes (-1.33 thousand tonnes), haddock – 7.66 thousand tonnes (-1.34 thousand tonnes).

Total production in Kaliningrad-led West Fisheries was recorded at 15.05 thousand tonnes (+5.54 thousand tonnes or + 58.23%). Baltic sprat catches amounted to 10.97 thousand tonnes (+5.44 thousand tonnes), Baltic herring – 4,000 tonnes (+120 tonnes). As compared to last year, sprat catches grew by 99% or almost doubled in other words.

In the Azov-Black Sea Fisheries, the total production volume was 6.56 thousand tonnes (-4.33 thousand tonnes or -39.76%). Sprat catches amounted to 5.86 thousand tonnes (-4.05 thousand tonnes).

In the Volga-Caspian Fisheries, the total production volume was 7.78 thousand tonnes (+6.21 thousand tonnes or +395.41%). Sprat catches totalled 7.78 thousand tonnes (+6.21 thousand tonnes or +395.41%). Thus, the sprat production exceeded the respective result of last year by almost 5 times.

Through the period under analysis Russian catches in the zones of foreign states amounted to 37.4 thousand tonnes, 1.4 thousand tonnes or 4% up YOY. Catches in the convention areas and in the open part of the World Ocean totalled 800 tonnes (+400 tonnes or +115.5%).

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