Russia needs new port, cold store facilities and boats to tap unexploited stocks in Southern Fisheries

September 14, 2012 17:14

Russia is not exploiting considerable fish stocks in its Southern Fisheries because of lacking infrastructure and facilities, reports with reference to Fishery Head Andrei Krainy.

For example, Russia is not exploiting some 250 k tonnes of sprats in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea fisheries basin. The fishery here is hampered by the fact that the area is lacking either a fishing port or a cold store because the Novorossiysk Port is a transport operation while Sochi port is restricted.  As a result the fish stocks are harvested by Georgian, Turkish and Ukrainian fishermen.

To resolve the bottleneck Russia must build at least on fish port in Temryuk or better one more in Utrish, said fishery head at a Cabinet meeting chaired by PM Medvedev.

At the Caspian Sea some 90 k tonnes of sprats and 20 k tonnes of mullet are underexploited due to the dwindling fleet strength in the fisheries. To help renew the fleet the government must look into setting up a leasing scheme for the fishermen to get the boats and conduct the fishery.

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